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When Purple Smurfs Attack

Dear Erin, 

I am feeling really emotional lately. If there's negative energy around me, how can I let the positive energy in?



Hi Clint, 

Round about the time I entered fourth grade, the girls in my school started getting really mean. Yowza!  Their words stung, but what was most devastating was how confused I felt by their attacks.

Because of my psychic ability, I remembered knowing my pals long before this lifetime. I can also see people for who they are in their hearts. So when these little meanies revolted, I was stunned that they would turn their horrible energy on me when all I wanted to do was bake Shrinky Dinks and be loving.

Before answering your question, let's stop and give a great big hug to your inner fourth grader who remembers that we're all connected. He’s the one who’s feeling all emotional nowadays.

What you are suffering from is a case of the G’nap-G’naps. Remember that episode of “The Smurfs” where a Purple Fly bites Lazy Smurf and he turns purple, starts yelling “G’nap! G’nap!” and bites his fellow Smurfs on their tails? That’s what’s happening to the people around you.  

So how do you fix it? First: Step away from the Smurf. As human beings, we tend to think that the most effective way to solve a problem is to wrassle it to the ground. Energetically, that's impossible. Newton's First Law proves that for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. The more we try to tame the Purple Smurf, the more it's gonna try to bite us.

Second: Escape to your Happy Place. Whether it be riding your motorcycle or dominating a round of Candy Crush, there's something out there with the magical ability to help you feel better. Skedaddle your butt on over there asap, and be sure to get comfy, 'cause you're about to set up camp.

Third: Go Geiko. Take a cue from that unfortunate shmoe who just got the world's worst news but found a great deal by switching his car insurance. By making a point to focus on something positive when you’re overwhelmed with negativity (“I’m glad this check was big enough to cover at least one of my bills,”) situations tend to take care of themselves in the most surprising ways.

Your pal,



Originally published in Connect Savannah (p. 43)