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Elvis has left the building…now what?!

Dear Erin, 

My dog Elvis loves running out of the house to chase feral cats. If he gets one in his sight, there’s no stopping him. I’m scared that one of these days he’s gonna run across Whitaker Street and get hit by a car.  Do you know of any psychic protection that can keep this from happening?

Worried Mama


Hey there, little Worried Mama (she said in her best Elvis voice…) 

It’s not always easy being parents to our furry children. They know enough English to understand what we’re saying, but aren’t fluent enough to follow directions. And when they get all naughty, we can’t ground them or take away their iPads. D’oh!

The hardest part about having pets is that more often than not, we outlive them.  Making peace with this fact won’t change it, but I like to believe that letting go of the fear of losing our pets can help keep them in their safest, most loving light. 

Easier said than done, right? 

Here’s a little invocation created by animal psychic JaneEllen Sexton to help communicate with our pets whenever we are separated from them and are worried for their wellbeing: 

“(Pet’s name) I am here and I am there.

You are here and you are there.  We are not alone.”

(Then tell your pet whatever message you want your pet to know.)

Every so often my wayward cat son, Zander, escapes for a little adventure. He roams the neighborhood for a day or two while his dad waits up for him at all hours, sick with worry. Whenever the search for him becomes futile, I sit someplace quiet and envision him safe and well. Then I say the above invocation and tell him how much he is loved and missed.  Inevitably, he shows up within a couple of hours.  

The psychic protection behind the invocation doesn’t necessarily come from the words I’m saying, but from my ability to tune out my fears and focus on love. Quantum physicists might explain the science behind this phenomenon by saying that when we turn our energetic radio dials away from 88.5 FRAIDY CAT, we are able to tune in to station 107.8 SAFE PET. 

Thanks for getting in touch, Worried Mama. I hope this information helps. In the meantime, know that I am holding Elvis in safe, happy thoughts!

Your pal, 


Originally published in Connect Savannah (p.45)