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Dear Erin,

My brother put me in touch with a friend of his who is an empath and a witch because I have been experiencing some paranormal things. She told me that something has attached itself to me. Also, a person who left my life several months ago left some bad energy behind and it’s been sticking around. She had me put salt in all my doorways and recite something that she sent me. Is there anything else I can do?

—Zoe Adams


Hi Zoe,

Thanks for getting in touch. Before we get to your question, I’d like to give everyone a quick refesher course in the science behind your paranormal activity. Newton’s Third Law states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. Because of this, we know that waves of light and sound continue in perpetuity, even after we can no longer see or hear them. Did you know that the same principle applies to our thoughts and words, even after we think and speak them?

It turns out, angry thoughts and words vibrate at a lower frequency and are composed of finite energy. In order to maintain their momentum, they need to draw additional energy from an outside source. Meanwhile, loving, positive thoughts and words are comprised of infinite energy and their wavelengths are self-sustaining.

Right now it probably feels like you’re the renewable resource for all the paranormal activity that’s happening in your life, especially that Klingon of bad juju your dude left behind when he hit the road.

The great news is, once you turn your conscious thoughts away from that lower energy and focus on positive, loving thoughts, none of that negativity will be able to glom onto you. It’ll just lay dormant until it crosses the path of someone else’s lower thought forms.

Here’s a little invocation that I use before all of my psychic readings, in order to connect with energies of only the highest integrity:

“We come in light and love. We come in joy and play. Anyone who’d like to join us in light, love, joy and play is welcome. If you’ve had a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, a bad life, you’re welcome to observe and we respectfully request that you remain neutral. Anyone changing their mind who decides to join us in light, love, joy and play is always welcome.”

This has been my go-to source of psychic protection for years. I suspect that the reason it works so well is because it allows all energies to be present, while establishing clear boundaries about what does and does not have my permission to appear.

Personally, I’ve never liked being told to “go away.” It hurts my feelings. But I appreciate knowing that I am welcome to join in if I’m willing to make positive contributions. I suspect that those looming, paranormal energies appreciate it, too. And if they’re inspired to change their polarity from negative to positive in order to join us, all the better.

I first used this invocation while working at The Old Sorrel-Weed, Savannah’s only haunted house to open its doors to the public for paranormal investigation. Certain members of the staff were understandably leery about opening up the house alone in the morning, so I would join them and say these words as we entered. The energy of the house always welcomed us.

In fact, I only experienced one paranormal event the entire time I worked there. One afternoon a belligerent drunk claiming to have done construction work on the house came into the basement yelling, “This house is not haunted! I pulled the slate slabs off these floors and never saw a ghost. There is no Ghost of Sorrel-Weed. I AM THE GHOST OF THE SORREL-WEED!!” and stormed out.

Not five seconds after his departure, there was an enormous slam in the northwest corner of the room. At first it freaked me out, but then I realized the house was simply saying that if I insisted that its energies come in light, love, joy and play, then everyone else must follow the same rules.

Or, as I informed our visitors thereafter, “Remember, The Dude Abides.”

Thanks again for your question, Zoe. I hope this helps. Sending love and light to you!

Your pal,

Originally published in Connect Savannah