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Oh no. Not Ali!

Dear Erin,

Now we’ve lost Muhammad Ali?! What’s up with all the celebrity deaths these days? My heart just can’t take it anymore.



Dear Bernice,

I feel you, girlfriend. It’s hard losing the people we always thought would always be here. Whether we’re mourning the passing of a legend or a loved one (in some cases, both at once) it’s devastating losing those who make the world a better place simply because they’re in it.

The best way to honor these magical beings is to continue their legacy. Even though you might not feel that you could ever be “The Greatest,” don’t underestimate yourself. You have so much to offer the world!

Sometimes we’re so awed by the radiant glow of others that we don’t realize our own shine. What can you do to help people feel good about themselves just by walking into a room? Whether it be a kind word, a positive thought or just asking someone how they’re doing, your presence for others is invaluable.

More important, what are your secret superpowers? How can you share them with the world?

Mine is being able to see people for who they are in their hearts. I can see that you’re a loving being who’s filled with light, laughter and joy. In fact, my Spidey Senses are saying that you’re one of the funniest people that your loved ones know. It’s time for you to embrace that gift!

Don’t be shy about your sense of humor. Speak your truth. You have the ability to diffuse difficult situations by saying what everyone else is thinking, in the funniest, most positive way. Your superpower is transforming angry situations into something everyone will eventually laugh about.

How cool is that?!

This might not be the answer you’re looking for Bernice. I’m sure you weren’t expecting an impromptu psychic reading, but your gifts of love and laughter are of the few things you can control in this world. I can sense right now that your grief has you feeling like you’re at death’s mercy — I’d love to see you reclaim some of your personal power to help get your groove back!

Thank you, dear readers, for all the questions you continue to ask online and in person. I’d love to answer more of them here and am glad to use my psychic sensibilities to do some mini-psychic readings.  It could be fun!

Got a question about life after death or life in general? Drop me a line at psychicyourpalerin@gmail. I can’t wait to hear from you and am always glad to help.

Sending love and light to all in the meantime.


Your pal,


Originally published in Connect Savannah