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Today's Faerie Fortune Cookie: Relax and Carry On

The weeks following 9/11 were a hard time to be a comedian. The clubs were nearly empty and the crowds were tough. We weren’t in a laughing mood. Nobody dared criticize President Bush or his policies, other than Marc Maron (who did so vociferously and was not appreciated). Even so, we were united in our grief over the loved ones we lost in the buildings that fell.

The days following the Paris attack have been an even harder time to be an optimist. The Internet is overflowing with strife. Everyone is pointing fingers and picking sides. Who knew an act that claimed a fraction of the lives that were lost at the World Trade Center could be exponentially divisive?

Seeing the forest for the trees, I want nothing more than to pick up where we left off last week and write about the importance of loving our enemies in the face of their hatred. But no one seems to be in the mood.

So this week I’ll let the Faeries’ Oracle Cards do the talking. Here is a 15-card reading to inspire those of us who are feeling at the mercy of these troubling times:

Jack was very excited to check out this week's reading.

  1. The first card in our reading tells of mental irritation and petty quarrels for argument’s sake.
  2. This card represents the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re not quite there yet, but don’t lose hope. The light is not lost and no storm, no matter how tumultuous, can last forever.
  3. Our innate instincts of love, nurturing and generosity are blocked. This card asks us to ask ourselves what we can do to free these blocked energies.
  4. We are currently operating from a faulty viewpoint based in defensiveness, denial and difficulty. It is time for us to back off from our current emotional entanglements and look at things anew.
  5. The Unity Card is calling on us to remember that we are all one. It encourages us to focus on resolving our inner conflicts rather than trying to change the opinions of others. It reminds us to find common ground and focus on our common goals.
  6. The time has come to release old ideas based in hatred and fear that no longer serve us.
  7. Balance is essential to our wellbeing and well within our control. When feeling at the mercy of outside influences, we are called to balance the situation by focusing on our inner calm.
  8. This card reminds us to check in with ourselves when we are feeling angry or upset. Expressing these emotions honestly and respectfully will also help us to regain our balance.
  9. When we feel ourselves getting sick, it is our bodies’ way of reminding us to be more gentle and loving with ourselves and others. Physical illness is a direct result of the blocked love and nurturing that was previously mentioned in the third card.
  10. Blocked creativity is another side effect of all this warring energy. This makes sense, as war is the opposite of creation. When we are feeling angry and overwhelmed, we can help ourselves feel better by creating more art and beauty. Taking time out to play is another way to heal illness in our bodies.
  11. When it comes to being patient with ourselves others, remember that everyone is doing the best we can at any given moment. Be sure to ask ourselves gently, honestly how we can do better.
  12. When feeling afraid, remember that love is the opposite of fear. Make peace with our fears by asking ourselves what we are really afraid of and being lovingly honest when we answer.
  13. Jackpot! Joy and success are ours after a period of struggle. The struggle is worth it. Peace and calm are growing.
  14. Currently, there is an imbalance of energy, tending towards aggression and violence towards others. We are being called to give careful and prayerful consideration as to how this energy can be rechanneled into its naturally creative and protective mode.
  15. Holy auspicious beginnings, Batman! You couldn’t ask for a better omen. Trust the process and tend to the details. Bless the growth as it happens.

Originally published in Connect Savannah (p. 48)