your pal, erin

Author & Psychic Superhero



Q: How much do you charge for readings?

A: 60-Minute Readings (in-person or via telephone) are $88.

30-Minute Readings (in-person or via telephone) are $44.


Q: Do you accept credit card payments?

A: Credit card payments are welcome.


Q: Are same day readings available?

A: Same day readings are not available.

Please allow at least 24 hours advance notice when booking your reading.


Q: What can I expect when you do a reading?

A: Before our session begins, I'll connect with your Inner Knowing by way of meditation. During this time, I'll ask only to receive information that's most helpful to you. I will not have access to anything that you wish to keep private only the information that your Inner Knowing has given me permission to share with you and no one else.

As part of this meditation, I'll shuffle cards from four different decks:

  • Brian Froud & Jessica MacBeth's Faeries' Oracle Cards
  • Doreen Virtue's Fairy Tarot Cards
  • Doreen Virtue's Healing with the Fairies Cards
  • Doreen Virtue's Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards

Each deck will reveal a different aspect of your current situation: things that are physically manifesting around you in the 3rd Dimension; 5th Dimensional energies that are being sent by your loved ones who have passed, your angels, your guides and Source; healing energies that are surrounding your situation and magical energies that are here to help.

Once our reading begins, I'll share a brief overview of the process to give you a better understanding of my personal approach to the work. Then we'll use the cards to examine how to best create things that you want more of in your life and how to release those things that no longer serve you.

During your reading, I'll receive additional insights from the fairies, your angels, your guides and Source by way of clairsentience ("clear feeling"), clairvoyance ("clear seeing") and clairaudience ("clear hearing"). It's also common for me to receive information from your loved ones who have passed, however, this is not guaranteed.

My process for in-person, telephone and pre-recorded readings are exactly the same.


Q: Can you tell me what will happen in my future?

A: Rather than focusing on future events, I prefer to look at what's happening in your life now and help you turn up the volume on that which you want to create more of, while turning the volume down on things unwanted. 


Q: If there's something bad in my reading, will you tell me?

A: Because my readings are based in love, light, positivity and the belief that the future is both malleable and ours to change it's unlikely that anything "bad" will appear in your reading. From time to time, information about difficult subjects will come forward. If so, it will be shared with loving honesty and gentle kindness. Rather than focusing on the problem, we will ask for only the best and highest solutions to this information.

To learn more about my philosophy and code of ethics, check this column I wrote for Connect Savannah. (That's our version of The Village Voice, y'all!)


Q: Can you hear specific messages from my loved ones who have passed?

A: Clairaudience (which means "clear hearing") is a skill that I first utilized in 2009. While I do have a track record of accurately sharing names and verbatim messages with my clients, please note that I am currently building my muscles around this gift.

My other psychic mediumship skills include clairsentience ("clear feeling"), clairvoyance ("clear seeing"), oracle card reading and automatic writing. These are the primary tools I've used to deliver accurate messages since 1999.


Q: Are you available for parties and group readings?

A: Yes! I read for groups of 4 or larger at cost of $30 per person for a fifteen minute private reading.