your pal, erin

Author & Psychic Superhero


I couldn’t be more pleased with my reading :) Erin is a total sweetie, and puts you at ease, as well as offering excellent advice combined with her natural intuitions. She offers her readings in unique and flexible way— a wonderful experience— thank so much!!
— Kerry, Savannah GA
Having a reading with Erin was like being enveloped in positivity! Despite the hurdles that I’m certain are in front of me, she addressed them in such a way as to present them in a very positive light. If felt very comforting and just like having a friend in my little boxing match with me.
— AJ, Tulsa OK
Erin offered a very unique perspective and set of solutions to situations in my life. I loved the enthusiasm and care she channeled into the reading!
— S.W., Minneapolis, MN
“Within five minutes erin asked me about career changes. Totally blew me away. I will definitely repeat.
— John, Los Angeles, CA
Deeply personal things came out in the reading that were completely unexpected (in a good way), but which I would not have been able to discuss under any other circumstances. The experience made me feel a lot less alone, but also helped me adjust my priorities.
— Bradley, Savannah GA
Erin’s intuitive perspective was very guiding and helpful during a time of change for me. I felt touched & inspired. Thank you!
— Stephanie, Los Angeles, CA
This is something that I’ve always wanted to do, so when my husband gave me the session as a gift I was truly excited, but a little nervous. Erin has such a soothing quality that as soon as we began I felt at ease. Her reading was very accurate and made several connections for me, I look forward to our next session.
— Laura, Culver City CA
“When I found out Erin was offering readings, I was really excited for her & for me! Erin has such pure, connected energy, that I knew a reading with her would come from love.

She had already given me messages from my father, who passed away a few years ago and connects with Erin to have her say hello to me from him.

What is so lovely about Erin is her complete lack of ego and total dedication to serving others. She cares so much about making a difference for people. What I appreciated in my reading is that Erin took her time, and not only wanted to offer the reading but practical solutions to help move areas of my life forward.

Thank you, Erin, for who you are! xo.
— Hope, Stamford, CT